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Since the available products in EV charging and smart building solutions might look overwhelming, the best way to get started is trough an in depth analysis of your requirements. May it be for Home, Business or Public,  we are able to offer a tailored package of fully functional solutions according to your  requirements.

You can consult with us the location selection, charger specifications, payment and smart management system possibilities and also the details of the smart home solutions. Be assured that we can guide you trough.

We will support you with detailed projecting and execute the necessary steps to setup and manage charging stations or a smart building. We arrange all applications, software, electrical projects, payment management systems and charge point network availability.

Once all formalities are settled we will arrange the installation encompassing any transportation, trenching of cables, electrical installation, inspection, testing and certification to leave you with a running charging station.

Thanks to our know-how and partnerships, we are proud of being able to offer a truly end to end turnkey solution including certified service and maintenance for charging stations and electricity management solutions for a seamless experience with these revolutionary products. 



We are designing an manufacturing our own chargers to offer full flexibility. To be able to offer the most advanced solution in fast/rapid charging we are official distributors of Veefil DC fast chargers. Please take a look at the chargers to learn more or get in touch with us to have the most up to date information on this constantly changing market.

Thanks to our partnership and know-how, we are able to offer the essential parts of a charging station also separately for more advanced requirements. Our controllers are highly compatible and fulfill all current and defined upcoming standards on the market which make it ready to be installed in any charging station or as a part of smart home solution.


With our back-end you will have the overview from the comfort of any PC, Phone or tablet on your charging stations and with a user friendly layout you will be able to easily manage the setup and their operation.

Vehicle2Grid (V2G), battery pack and solar powered buildings are also an area where we can provide our know-how and set-up any required solution. Thanks to our research and partnerships we have identified efficient solutions and future proof components. 


ADDRESS: Innovation Center s.r.o. , Kostolné Kračany, 93003

TEL: +421905958565 |

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