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Offline Charger controller Mode 3​

In collaboration with our partners we are able to provide you controllers which we have selected thanks to their versatility and flexible application possibilities. Whether it will be used in home chargers or public chargers they will fulfill the most demanding requirements like load balancing, smart charging, RFID, cloud based, SIM, GPS and other. The controllers are integral part of our charging stations or we are able to sell them separately for the interested.

The CMEM10-32V4 is special designed for home chargers without back-office and equipped with power-cord which can be connected to the Electric vehicle. All the necessary functionality for communication and safety is incorporated in this controller. Can be set as plug & charge, or activated via switch input.

  • For EV-sockets EIC61851 and IEC 62196

  • Din rail mounting enclosure

  • Detachable connectors

  • 2 power switch outputs

  • PP & CP connection

  • charging activation with logical low/high, toggle input or plug & charge

  • interfaces for lock-module VMEM1.0

  • Current rate adjustable 10-32 Amp

  • Supply Power 12-24 Vdc


Using multiple controllers, the charging-station can be configured for more than two outlets in one
group using a master slave configuration. In this situation the master charging controller is equipped with a modem and SIM card and the slave charging points are connected via the CAN, or Ethernet bus. In this way, a charging station with a maximum of 24 outlets can be realized.

Optionally the controller can be equipped with the open standard software for charging-stations
OCPP 1.2-1.6 In this way, they can fit into our or another integral management system. (Cloud back

A slave controller can also be configured as standalone controller without backoffice. In this
configuration, the controller can be programmed with more RFID codes with two master RFID cards.

• The Cloud-based EVC4.2 Module can be used for max 2 mode-3 sockets

• 2 x connection for servo Mennekes/Bals • 2 x Kwh input (2 x S0 or Mod-bus)
• Built-in GPRS/3G/GSM modem for back-office connection
• GPS positioning for accurate location on map
• 2 x serial connection - RFID / Barcode reader
• Option for full color display with touch screen (via CAN)
• 2x operation relay per channel (ie possibility for ZE-ready functionality)
• Temperature sensor built-in
• Ethernet extension-board available
• OCPP 1.2-2.0 ready
•  Load balancing/smart charging 6-63 Amp
• According to IEC61851-22

Locking module VMEM1.0

For chargers with wall-socket there is the additional VMEM1.0 module for mechanical locking and unlocking of the socket.

  • For EV-sockets EIC61851 and IEC 62196

  • Din rail mounting enclosure

  • Detachable connectors

  • For Mennekes and Bals servo’s

  • Releasing servo at power outage.

  • Supply Power 8-24 Vdc

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