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ZeroEmission in partnership to support electromobility

15th December 2017

V2G (Vehicle to Grid) and Tritium fast charging stations for electromobiles were installed in the Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAV) area to explore further potential, developement and testing on the EV market. Partnership between ZeroEmission, Nissan Europe and SAV welcomed by Maroš Šefčovič Vice-President of the European Commission for Energy Union.

SAV Nissan Tritium V2G EV chargers

The cooperation of SAV, Nissan Sales CEE and ZEROEMISION is unique as it reflects the fact that we are supporting value creation, R&D and the development of electric mobility in Slovakia.

The joint project reinforces the implementation of the most innovative charging technologies across the country but also in the region.

The V2G technology enables the resupply of electricity to the grid and in this way to stabilize electric supply. At the initial stage these charging stations will enable scientific research and also made available for the employees of SAV.

Since we at ZeroEmission are not focusing only on resale/distribution of chargers, but also provide all round solutions, consultation and further enhance/develop products in collaboration with our partners, we look forward for this value creating cooperation.

The increasing trend of electric cars in Slovakia is becoming a social phenomenon. The environment we live in, we work and spend our
leisure time, must be protected. Electromobility and innovative solutions in this field is a complex topic, but we must adapt to the development that lays ahead of us within smart technology, to simplify and protect our life and environment. Modern and innovative technologies carry along many challenges and  companies are not prepared yet to tackle them. That is why our cooperation was started, to make innovations accessible and enable faster spread and gradual acquaintance with the global trend of electromobility. 

We believe that this cooperation will have a positive impact not only on scientific research of ​​the electric car chargers in Slovakia, but also for understanding electromobility as a necessary solution for the protection of the environment.

V2G charger; tritium fast charger; Nissan Leaf
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